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This is what 62% POWER back feels like!!!

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Car Engine
Believe it or not, these numbers were taken from    a 2009 Ram 5.7L Hemi!
In case you can't read the handwriting very good, the paper reads:
HC (Wasted Fuel) 1ppm
NO (Nitric Oxide) 23ppm 
*Only over 100ppm will this chemical be humanly harmful
CO (Carbon Monoxide) 0.02%
C02 (Carbon Dioxide) 14.4%
* Only over 25% will this chemical be humanly harmful. In the Auto Industry 1,000ppm is considered "Acceptable"
02 (Oxygen) 0.9%
This Ram reportedly gained 30% better mileage and very impressive HP and TQ gains!
Learn how this is possible below




POWER, MILEAGE, "Hair Dryer-like" Exhaust

The vacuum inside the intake manifold is enhanced through our vortex generator machining process. The change to the high pressure side of any size Throttle Body/Carb creates the fastest combustion rate possible. All atomized fuel become vapors.


The air/fuel mixture then burns COMPLETELY giving maximum power

while wiping out emissions! 

The entire world benefits from this mod as soon as you click the button to get started!
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