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Tracy Sellman
Mar 31, 2021
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Hi everyone Tracy Sellman from Phoenix Arizona, USA My project car is a second-hand 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited edition 4x4 with a 3.7 Lt. V6 with about 130,000 miles on it. We are in the process of restoring it while driving it every day. I just by chance stumbled upon your website just as a fluke but being since oriented, I was immediately intrigued, by your concept and products. I have bought all of the Tribo-Max additives except the NEW one the windshield washer fluid additive. The first product I used was your Tribo-Max oil additive and fule treatment. I have a routine of flushing and changing all the fluids and filters out of any vehicle when purchased, and use Seafoam to help clean and flush all carbon and grime deposits out of the engine and fuel system. I am using the OEM Morpor Filter and Valvoline Max Life synthetic blend for High mileage cars. I could tell an immediate change in how the car sounds and runs smoother, with more power within the first 15 minutes after adding Tribo-Max to the oil. I have done all the calculations and have gained back 50 to 75 HP. Plus a smother lower idle from not only the oil treatment but the fule treatment, with about a 5-7 MPG gain. The cylinder compression tests before and after treatment were nothing but amazing with a gain of 5-7 PSI. From 180 PSI before the additive to 185- 187 PSI and the numbers are just getting better with time, it has only been about a week since treatment. But I can only imagine better results from more time. This beats the other additives like Lucus, Slick50, and others I have tried over the years by leaps and bounds. But I would only expect that from a nano-ceramic lubricant of this caliber. Can’t wait to see how the other Tribo Max additives work after more work and flushing on the car’s systems are done. Michale, feel free to use this preliminary testimonial in any way you see fit.

Tracy Sellman

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