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“The Wave” Throttle Body/Carb Mod (Gasoline Engines)

“The Wave” Throttle Body/Carb Mod (Gasoline Engines)


The Most Powerful Throttle Body in The WORLD!

If you want true fuel efficiency, you’ve found it.

Whether using your stock exisiting throttle or performance application, the effects will be INCREASE in vacuum from our wave-form machining process.

No Tuning needed.


Machining a change in shape to the intake air creates maximum power gains without making changes to the fuel!


Raising the vacuum level to cause COMPLETE COMBUSTION. Transform your pollution into POWER!

*Order Now and get a FREE 10ML Tribo-MAX Engine Treatment at no charge*

This is a warranty-safe modification performed on ANY SIZE throttle body!


POWER and torque gains, better mileage, and clean exhaust!


Done in about an hour without complicated mechanical systems or electronics. No special tune, or additional parts required.


Transform your pollution into power today!

Ceramic Color Coating - 2,000*F Proof
  • Processing Time

    Please allow 5 days for processing, and 2-3 days for USPS Priority FREE Shipping!

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