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Alaska's Tribo-MAX Distributor

John Haroldsen


                240 remote villages and communities in Alaska!

          Many of these can only be accessed through boat or plane.

John followed his father's teachings of auto-mechanics as a child... and growing wiser he discovered there is plenty of room for improvements. Watching his elders rebuild gears and motors, airplanes, boats etc. helped him understand the abuse our machinery go through and especially in that bitter cold!

This man is highly skilled and trained, as he has built engines, restored vehicles, raced snowmobiles and is the go-to-guy for advice on how to do things the right way the FIRST time.

After putting our additives to the test for a while, he decided to take the news of this advanced technology to the next level and help everyone he can!

He is located in Anchorage, and would love to speak with anyone who needs these additives, or just wants to chat. 

                      Click on these icons below to contact John

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